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Log in trouble

Log in trouble

Every time I try and login, Spotify replies with a notification that says, "You already have an account with this username" and stops me from logging in. Please help. I've tried redoing my PW but every time I change it, it tells me my session has been expired even though I've done it right away.
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App won't even come up. I've tried over 20 times the last few days to reset my password. It says page expired Help!!! This is so frustrating. 2 weeks now without my paid music! No nber to call or real assistance. Fix this please

i'm having the same problem.


i created a spotify account by linking it with my facebook account. i tried deactivating my fb account but then, of course, i couldn't log in to spotify. i reactivated the fb account and tried logging back in to spotify on my phone. first it accused me of using an incorrect username/password, but now it tells me that an account has already been created using my email address. OBVIOUSLY. why won't it tell me anything helpful?


when i try logging on with my computer, it gives me the "spotify desktop client communication failed" page. the page offers a link to the thread where it claims to solve the problem, but i still can't log in to my spotify account.


i'd rather not continue to pay $10 a month for a premium account that i can't use and enjoy. is there a way that i can a) access my account or b) get rid of my premium subscription? it's absolutely RIDICULOUS that i pay for a service and there's no support offered, except the chance to "join thousands of subscribers on the forums." you're kidding me.


this is seriously more frustrating than figuring out student loans, which says a lot. PLEASE HELP. thank you.

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