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Login Screen flickering with colors

Login Screen flickering with colors

This is on Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 cricket phone.


My eyes hurt and this color flickering makes me want to vomit. Please help.


Is there any way to fix this?


Seizure Warning:




phone flickering purple and blue.JPG
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There haven't been any other posts about this which suggests the problem may be with your phone. Are you using a screen overlay such as a blue light filter?

I don't have any blue light filters on my phone.

My phone does this as well on samsung galaxy s5... no blue light filter/overlay either...

Just got a new Moto X4, same issue.

This might be device specific - ive since got a new phone (Samsung J3 2017)
and no longer have the issue.

Same seizure flashing screen here. Nexus 5X running 8.0.0.

Same here. Android Samsung Galaxy 5. It gave me a massive headache with just the 5 seconds it took to log in.

Hello Joe,


Morning. Same problem here. Using a Samsung s8 plus, Oreo. Flockering purple screen and cannot login. When pressing Log in, it briefly says Logging in, then back to Log in, screen still flickering...Uninstalled the app multiple times. I am able to log in on web... Never used the app before...

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