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Login issue.


Login issue.

Hello, I recently got spotify premium on my spotify account and tried to use it on my phone but I can't login!

I got my spotify account using my facebook and therefor never got to choose a username. I can't login in using my email on my cell and I can't use the username I've been given!

Emailed Spotify a week ago and they haven't answerd. 

someone know how to help me?


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Solved, Updated my phones andriond and was after that able to log in using facebook.

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I also have a big problem, and i hope i dont get charged for spotify, i`m starting to get really mad, we can not contact them directly by a email or anything. I can listen to music on my phone even though a message comes up with: this is the wrong password or username, why does it play music then on my phone? but on my computer i can not listen to my music even though I have take on the offline thing its always talking about.....


if spotify charges me for this, i will get really mad, i will change to Wipm instead where there isnt so mant issues....;(


sorry for beeing angry, but i`m just tired of always have to contact them, and it takes days/weeks before they reply.



Hi miltonc - if your account was set up via facebook then you need to select the 'login with facebook' option and use your facebook username and password. You wont have a specific spotify username unless you need one for streaming on a third party system like sonos.

@millano83 - if you can stream music you must be logged into spotify on. Perhaps it is your details that are wrong in the settings that are being complained about? What errors do you get on the desktop?
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

that's a good tip but there is no "login in using facebook". 

It kinda looks like this:


Terms and conditions.


Marked as solution

Solved, Updated my phones andriond and was after that able to log in using facebook.

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