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Login problem

Login problem

I can login to spotify on my pc without a problem but when I try to login to my phone it says "Either username or password is wrong". I have made sure both my username and password are perfect, changed my password twice, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and am also trying to login using my username not the mail user id. I am still not found the solution. Can someone please help me.

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**bleep** same the problem occured today.

Have got the exact same problem, perhaps it's a server issue.

Same here. Good to know it's not only my phone.

same here!!!

Exactly the same here. Obviously been a problem for most of the day looking at other comments. Why can't spotify come out and acknowledge they have a problem?

Well,i have the same problem as you guys,but on my older version,but on a computer works just fine
in my case it says 

"Your e-mail and password combination does not match a Spotify account.Please try again" 

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