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Losing synced music when updating

Losing synced music when updating

I'm not sure if this is a known issue but it looks like every time I update the app it deletes my configuration, logging me out of the app and thus deleting all my synced music. That is really annoying, especially seeing that this particular update is not exactly important.
I'm now disabling auto update as a workaround and hope that you guys will change that. Can someone confirm this is a normal behaviour of the update process?

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Have you tried reinstalling your app? And also, how long has this been happening for? Is it only on this update or on previous ones as well?

Use another streaming service.

Everything is better that spotigarbage....

I did reinstall the app since you suggested it.

Also, I believe it already happened but I noticed it only after this update. It happened to me before, and I was confused as to why I had to sync again from time to time.


Now I think I figured out that it's happening with updates, but that's actually why I asked if it was a normal behaviour for the app to erase all synced music, which seems to not be the case apparently.


I'll let you know later if that happens to me again when the next update comes out.

It happened to me also but it just happened because the latest update logged you out. My phone and my friend's phone just updated automatically and logged out automatically. As Spotify logs you out, it disconnects you to the files stored offline. Some things that might happen is Spotify leaving those files behind (consuming space) so you should Clear Data first. It might redownload the file again and duplicate the file. (See Spotify in the Android Settings if the storage use is too big)

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