Lost song in a library


Lost song in a library



Recently I have lost a great song from my library. I don't remember its title or band's name.

How can I check whether I dislaked it or removed it unintentionally and how can I add it to my library again? 

Is there any list of disliked songs?

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Re: Lost song in a library


Greetings wojo44,

If I am understanding you correctly you can consider taking the following actions:


1. Go to https://www.spotify.com/us/

2. In the upper right corner click Profile, then click Accounts

3. Click Recover Playlists on the black pane

4. If you previously liked it then you can upload the list of previously liked songs


It will be a hit or miss if you find it this way, but if you liked the song in will be in one of your "Liked from radio" lists.

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