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Loud Volume Spikes on new phone

Loud Volume Spikes on new phone

I just upgraded from a Motorola turbo 2 to a Google pixel 2 xl. I have used Spotify for years now on multiple phones, especially the turbo 2, with a wide range of headphones and speakers, with no issues. Now that I have the Pixel, every song I start has a half second or so period where the volume is nearly doubled. This happens when I skip ahead in the song, or when I skip a song completely. It does not happen if I wait for a song to finish, and let it go into the next one. Changing eq's or normalizing the volume seems to have no effect.


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I have the same problem with the same phone. Doesn't happen when I turn equaliser off so it seems that there's a delay for a split second before the equaliser kicks in. I don't really want to listen to music without equaliser settings to fix this problem and I shouldn't have to. Can you fix this bug please? 

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