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Low volume Vs IOS

Low volume Vs IOS

Hi all, 


I have just purchased Powerboats 3 from a Dixon's in the airport, I used my iPad (2) during my flight for movies on Netflix (downloaded) and Spotify (premium, downloaded) which worked perfectly and I am pleased with the Beats Powerbeats 3. However when I got to my destination I used my android phone (Huawei P9) to listen to some music, instantly I noticed that the volume was much lower, even after turning it up to maximum volume and the maximum reccomened volume.

I connected a iPhone 7 and a iPhone 6S Plus when I arrived to my destination both of which including the iPad 2 had a much higher volume level (nearly double!) Compared to my android device. I have re-installed Spotify to my android, turned off audio normalisation as download all of my music as "Extreme Quality), personally I cannot see what I am doing wrong and only can put this down to either an android driver issue or a Spotify app issue. I would like some clarification on the persistent issue or at least some hints and tips from similar user who experience the same problem. I would prefer to keep my new headphone as they weren't cheap but I also don't want to move over to IOS for my main mobile phone! 


Any help in the matter would be appreciated. 


Many thanks, 



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