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Low volume problem...

Low volume problem...

Hi everyone. I got a problem with spotify. About low volume. If i restart the phone and start spotify, everything is normal with volume. But after a few time later, if i got some notifications from another apps, the volume is going low. You know, if you listening music and for example, you got a message from WhatsApp. The volume go low a little for a 2-3 seconds and after it goes normal. But in my Android phones, the notification is coming, volume goes down and a little, but its not goes normal again. It stays in low. I tried in 2 android phones but i got this problem still. I hope, i can tell you my problem correctly. Thanks.






Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S6

Operating System

Android Oreo, Android Nougat



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Hey, thanks for reaching out.

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try restarting your device? If that doesn't help, try a quick clean reinstallation of the app. Just follow the steps here.

If you're still having trouble, could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what I can suggest!

Yeah, after i restart the phone the problem is solved. But same things happen after some time ( 12 - 24 hours)

So, am i will restart my phone everytime?
My version is : armV7
Operating system : Android Oreo with May 5 secure update ( Huawei Mate 10 Pro)

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