Major issues with Spotify on Android


Major issues with Spotify on Android







OnePlus 5

Operating System

Android 8.1.0


Spotify App Version: armV7


My Question or Issue

 Ever since upgrading to the latest Android Spotify app, there are a few issues with it:


* The first issue is that the playlist search feature does not work as it should. The expected result is that when I search for a song on my playlist (by swiping up and typing in the search box) that I get results and then whenever I pick a song and start playing, my playlist will only play those songs based on my search criteria. For example, if I have a playlist and I search for an artist, searching for it will (until I clear the filter) should only play results which match that. Instead, while it does search for music within my playlist, whenever I go to the next song it just acts as if I was not searching in my playlist and will ignore my search criteria.


* I've noticed Spotify freezing and stopping appearing in the Android top bar, closing and re-opening the app will temporarily fix it.


* Spotify on my phone does not work correctly with Spotify on my computer, when I select my phone as a playback option, I can control playback on my phone for approximently one song and then it stops allowing me to control the music on my phone until I re-open my phone and re-select the app. This was working prior to this past update.