Managing Library

Managing Library

How on earth do I manage my library with Spotify?


I just want to see my library sorted by artist, album, and song. I see all these features in the Android app but the one thing I can't find is access to my library.


All I see are my playlists.


SURELY there is a way I can see my library?


Is everything managed through playlists?


Six months now on Spotify premium and managing my library is becoming a pain - playlists, playlists, playlists.


Am I doing something wrong here?


Thanks for the help.


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Hey there.


The Collection feature is rolling out for all customers in little pieces. Wait for good!




I also have this "problem", but I would rather call that a missing feature!


Spotify is the best streming service, except for that big part, which made me choose Google Play... It really not practical to manage everything as a playlist, is there really a project to bring a library functionnality?






Hey there.


It's still rolling. 


Thanks for patience. Yes


Thanks for your answer 🙂


Is there any planning ? Need beta testers??

It's a stable feature. Just not available to all. It will be in time manner.


I can show how this looks in Android.







Don't get your hopes up about their library feature as will probably disappoint. Have you looked into Spotify alternatives that have the features you want? Service sufficient at first but begin building a library and you'll soon find managing ridiculous number of playlists a joke!

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