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Many troubles :)

Many troubles :)



Good morning yo everyone, I'm a new user that is using 30 day trial and if everything keeps on good track I'll go with premium, but I have a few problems that are quite frustrating;


1. I cannot login on my PC, it's like my user just doesn't exists. ¿Will this be the same once the 30 days expire?


2. I keep getting random playlist that i have to erase or unfollow on my library. Seems that they are bound to be using a cheap way of advertising, (Arabian, russian, gaming music, etc) Nothing related to my music.


3.*screenshot added* "Assumably" when i am conected to internet another device is listening to arabic and/or russian music and I simple can't do **bleep** about It. In my neighbourhood i doubt this is nobody's playlist, feels like a bug/virus just like random playlist and thank god I downloaded music, i can't even navigate since a constant message appears forcing me to try and connect to another device (**bleep** no)


Looking foward to hear solutions from anyone, 

Thanks in advance!


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