Marantz 8802a and Spotify connect


Marantz 8802a and Spotify connect


This is the solution that I have found for my Marantz AV8802 periodically not showing up in the "Connect to a Device" Devices list.

Setup Menu of Marantz;

Setup-Network Settings-Set DHCP to OFF.

Cycle power to device for 1 minute.

Setup-Network Connection-Diagnostics 

Let this run for a couple of minutes, it doesent always complete but just select back to get back to Network menu.

Setup-Network Settings- Turn DHCP to ON.

Setup-Network Connection- Wi Fi setup. Select correct Network, set PW.

Check all Spotify devices and they all should now see the Marantz again.

This seems to last for a few months and then for some reason Spotify will once again not see the Marantz and you will have to repeat this process.

Prior to this I inusred all devices were at latest update revisions and had tried un-installing and re-installing Spotify connect on all devices. 

This was the only solution that works for me.