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Marantz NR1606 Spotify Connect stopped working

Marantz NR1606 Spotify Connect stopped working




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All of a sudden Spotify Connect stopped working on both my NR1606 and 1607. I have done everything from a factory reset of the receivers, to resetting my entire home network with hard resets of every device, but still there is no option to Spotify Connect to either Marantz receiver. What's going on here? I can't find Marantz in the list of supported devices but it's been working fine for years. Have Spotify dropped Marantz or vice versa? So frustrating not to be able to use the Connect function and it's not as if Marantz isn't a popular brand. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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I have samsung s8+with Android 9 and Samsung s8 with Android 9.

I have harman kardon AVR171S with Spotify Connect.

It stop working since two days (i live une France)

When selecting harman kardon on Spotify applicatin, it start Spotify connect on AVR171S but no sound.

I used it at least for 3 years.

Whats going on ? 😞

Hey folks!


Thanks for reaching out.


@yeesarm great troubleshooting so far! What we can suggest next is checking if everything is order with the settings on your phone - could you try restarting it and performing a clean reinstall?


It's also a good idea to try creating a hot spot and connecting your devices to that to see if t makes a difference.


@Jaybi_67 could you try restarting your router and the speaker to see if that makes a difference for you? We'd also recommend giving this a try on a different network.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you have any further questions!

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Thank you to answer.

I have restarted my router.

I have also restarted the audio AVR.

I have also delete Spotify cache on smartphone. I even uninstall and reinstall Spotify on smartphone.

When i use Spotify and i select the harman kardon AVR as external player, Spotify connect start on harmankardon, but stays at 00:00. I'm able to change the volume. But no sound and music dont even start 😞

It Works well for Maybe three or four years and suddenly stopped working. I see @yeesarm having (i think) the exact same behaviour.

So i thought it is a more général problem

Hi there @Jaybi_67


Thanks for getting back in touch and for the info you sent. 


Just to make sure, did you follow these specific steps to reinstall the app? This process is more thorough than a normal one. 


Additionally, could you let us know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update?


Lastly, we suggest that you check if the firmware of your device is up-to-date. 


Keep us posted!

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Thanks for the feedback. I tried everything with no luck until yesterday. I can't explain it but here is what happened. 

Spotify connect hasn't been working for a number of weeks now. Restarted, uninstalled, re-installed everything. Nothing worked. Then yesterday I was trying to connect via Bluetooth as it was the only way I could stream to my AVR. When trying to pair my Marantz AVR had a weird BT name associated with it and I couldn't connect. Then all of a sudden, in Spotify my AVR appeared on the list of "My Devices". I clicked it, and it connected via Spotify connect and now it seems to be working.

I have no idea what, what or how anything has changed, but it's working so that's a plus!

Go figure?

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