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Marantz network audio player not showing up on Spotify Adroid App

Marantz network audio player not showing up on Spotify Adroid App



I have a Galaxy S5 running spotify premium, as well as spotify desktop on my laptop.


Just purchased a Marantz NA6005 network audio player, all devices connnected to the same wifi network for definite.


In the Android app, the NA6005 doesn't appear as a Spotify Connnect device.


However, on the laptop it does appear as a connnect device and I can stream music no problem from the Laptop to the NA6005.


When I play from the laptop through to the NA6005, it then appears as an available device on the Galaxy, but only when first selected on the laptop.


Any particular reason why the NA6005 will only be recognised on the Android App when the laptop is running too?


I've tried all the quick fixes, UPnP, Firmware update etc none seem to work.


I would like to be able to  access spotify connect without having to switch my laptop on.



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Hmm, I can't see any reason. I would suggest trying Marantz support as it seems to be their hardware affected; they may have some suggestions to try.

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The latest Spotify Android App update appears to have sorted this issue out now.

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