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Massive data usage

Massive data usage

I have had massive amount of data used by spotify over a few days. I used 80% music from my playlist and streamed some live. I also was connected to wifi at the same time as using my cellular data. Beetween the 24-27th december 2016 i have had 6 gig sucked out by spotify. I have never seen such a huge usage in all the time i have had it. I rang my service provider here in nz (spark) and they were equally shocked and gave me a data free and suggested i contact u. Did it use heaps because wifi was on as well? I find it also hugely unusual that my background data was the biggest user..can u please help or explain??
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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community! Allow me to assist you on this one 🙂


I believe you have set "Streaming" to "Extreme Quality" 😧

To fix this and stop the massive data usage, head to Spotify Settings and look for "Streaming" and set it to "Automatic Quality" or (As I have) "Normal Quality"; and also please check off the "Download using cellular" to avoid extra usage when you add new songs to playlist. Either do that or set the "Download" to "Normal Quality"!


By this way you should be able to cut a lot of data usage!


Last, but not least, if you already have a playlist downloaded, consider heading to your phone Settings, Data, Data Usage and restrict background use for Spotify.


Have a nice day!

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