Media Controls Not working On Lock Screen

Media Controls Not working On Lock Screen







Samsung Galaxy 10+

Operating System

Android 9 


My Question or Issue

The Media Controls displayed on my phones lock screen do not work at all. Once I unlock my phone, I am able to change the songs just fine in both the Spotify app or the media controls in my notification bar. But having to constantly unlock my phone just to switch or even pause a song is draining after a while. When I put in headphones, the media controls on the lock screen work fine. When I disconnect them and play music either through Bluetooth or the phone's own speaker, the media controls do nothing. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I have tried disabling other music apps like google play music (as I saw on another thread) to no avail. I have tried deleting the cache which didn't work. The worst part is is that when I first got the phone a month or so ago the controls worked completely fine. Out of nowhere, they stopped working. Please help!

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Hey @N92265! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry to hear this.

Please be aware that this issue is already under investigation.

Be sure to check this ongoing issues thread out to stay updated on this. Make sure to add your +VOTE. ^^



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