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Misbihaving Lock Screen Controls and "Ghostcasting"

Misbihaving Lock Screen Controls and "Ghostcasting"

So I 've been using Spotify Premium on my thirsty Galaxy S3 Neo (Android 4.4.2) for about a year. About 2/3 months ago a strange event occurred occasionally when trying to manipulate my music trough the lock screen or the buttons on my headset. Pausing it unpaused it right after, skipping the song didn't work or skipped to the end of the album/playlist, extremely rarely even returned me to the old playlist album/playlist, most of the time just crashed Spotify entierly.


About a month an even stranger event started to occur. Whenever I cast my music on my TV it's all good, the problems are when I stop casting. So I stop the cast and about 2 to 3 secs the TV boots to the Spotify logo. I was like: "Meh, my phone is old and it's probably bugging out." One time, just out of curiosity I waited for it to see what will happen, nothing, just the Spotify logo.


Two weeks ago I upgraded to a Galaxy A70 (Android 9.0) and everything seemed good, the lock screen controls work, very rarely the pause button tries to misbehave, but I don't mind because it's very rarely. However, the casting hasn't changed for good. There were several occurrences throughout these weeks, but today I cast around 2 pm, and hey! Everything happened how it should! Again at 9 pm, yet again, all according to plan. I left my phone on the charger, all was good, I picked it out once it charged around 1 am and immediately went to listen to music. In the same moment, I started Spotify a notification appeared: "A device on your Wi-Fi is casting Spotify." I'm alone at home and there isn't any device that supports Chromecast, except my phone, which clearly wasn't casting because Spotify was showing "Devices Available" in the bottom left and was playing music through my phone. As I was writing this I tried to skip and song trough the lock screen and it instead returned me to the old playlist.

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