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Missing songs in my library

Missing songs in my library

I logged into my Spotify account on my phone yesterday and noticed songs and playlists I didn't add. I immediately logged out of all devices, changed my passwords, including facebook, and set up security measures. Today, I logged in to find almost my entire song library gone and almost 50 new songs in its place. What is causing this, how do I fix it, and how do I get my library back? No one else has access to my account. I'm going to be very unhappy if my library of several hundred songs is just gone and I have to rebuild it. It almost isn't worth the effort I'd this is just going to happen again.

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Hey, @Truthsoutthere -


That's not cool! Looks like your Account has been hacked-

Please contact Spotify directly through this contact form- The support team will start looking through your issue right away;


Thank you 🙂

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