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Most of my playlist songs are greyed out

Most of my playlist songs are greyed out

I have premium and I created a few playlists of a bunch of songs from local files on my desktop. I let it do its thing and sync the playlists. Then I open up mobile on my phone and I can actually play like 4 out of 100 songs of each playlist, the rest are greyed out. What gives? Theye are my files, .mp3, and are from my local directory.



3 Replies

Same issue! Downloaded the iPhone App, went Premium on my account, and nearly all my songs are unplayable (greyed out when "Hide un-playable tracks" is off)


Really annoying, thinking of downgrading my account.


EDIT: Woops! Sorry! Mine is iphone, not android!! Sorry! But it is the same issue.

Ok, in most cases, I can simply search for the tracks greyed out on my mobile version of Spotify and then it will find them and play them. not perfect, but at least i got most of my music play lists back! Yay!!

I agree there seems to be some serious problems with the grey out fade going on. 


Its either not available in your country or it means that it is a local version of the file. 


For me the files physically play all the time, they are just greyed out. 

The grey out is basically just pointless. 

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