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Move saved Songs

Move saved Songs


i use spotify with my tablet

As i installed spotify, the songs were saved to the general space of my android tablet.
Than i changed the saving to my SD-Card, but the spotify has 11 GB Mainspace in use + the SD

How can i move the songs to the SD-Card?

I hope, that remove all songs ans doenload them again to SD-Card is not the best way

Sorry for my english, but i hope you´ll understand my problem - answers ind german are welcome 😉

best regards

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willkommen in der Spotify Community!

Du kannst in der Tat Songs auf die SD-Karte verschieben 🙂

Hier ist eine Anleitung dazu:

Ich hoffe das hilft!

Danke, aber leider steht da nur, wie ich den Speicherort ändere (was ich ja schon getan habe)


Die Tracks wurden aber leider nicht auf die SD-Karte verschoben - es wurden nur die neuen Files dort gespeichert

Hey @NicoDance.


Thanks for getting back to us!


You'll need to redownload all songs we're afraid. If something is stuck, we recommend removing all Offline devices from this page and then reinstalling using these instructions.


Check if the option to save to the SD card is enabled before you start a new download.


Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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