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Moving Local Files

Moving Local Files

So I had alot of music on my pc that was local file music, i then synced this all with my phone and my music was then on phone and PC. However my PC has now deleted all of these local files and they no longer show up in my playlist on my PC. The songs still showup and play on my mobile, is there anyway i can transfer the songs i used to have from my phone back into spotify? As this would save me hours and hours of my time having to find all of my music again.

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Hey there @Jaskins and welcome to the community! 


So it really depends on whether the files are saved on an SD card or on your phone's memory. Spotify Songs and playlists are available anywhere and everywhere that you use the service. 


Local files, or files saved on the device, are a little bit different. You'd need to transfer them back to your library on the other device with an SD Card reader or something similar. 


Another option may be to save all of those songs to playlists in Spotify and you won't have to worry about losing them in the future. 


Hope that helps!

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