Moving all songs from a playlist into "Your Music"

Moving all songs from a playlist into "Your Music"


I have an interesting dilemma. I've been a spotify subscriber for a long while. When i first joined they didn't have "Your Music" so I put all my songs that I wanted saved for offline use in a single playlist. Well this playlist is getting pretty unwieldy with like 2500 songs in it and so I figured it would be nice to put the songs in "Your Music" and then save that for offline use. Problem is I don't really want to go through and individually add 2500 songs or 400 albums or whatever. Is there a way that i can select all of the songs in this playlist and put all of them in "Your Music?" I do have the PC client as well if I need to do it there.

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Hi. Unfortunately we cannot manipulate Playlists on Android. You should be able to do what you need to using the pc client.

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