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Multiple Devices?

Multiple Devices?



Country USA


Android (2); Windows, 

Operating System

(Windows 10, Android.)


My Question or Issue

 I understand that a family plan is the way to have others in your family listen to their own music on their devices at the same time you are on yours.  However, occassionally someone wants to listen themselves on more than one device, (same music playing on both devices).  I may be cooking with the speakers blasting in the house and then need to go outside to the garden to pick some peppers and eggplant for 20 minutes before coming back into the kitchen.  I would expect to be able to pop on my earbuds and Android and listen while in the garden without stopping and starting over a playlist on the indoor Sonos system.  Others have used the example of moving around cleaning a big house.  


I voted for an old idea to make this possible, which is marked a good idea but it is a couple of years old and not indicated to be implemented?  One person listening to the same music on more than one device is actually pretty common these days and if there is a way to do it, I would like to know?

2 Replies

Hey @Will_T, welcome to our Spotify Community!


Keep in mind that you're able to download your music for Offline Mode in 3 devices. This means you can download the songs in your phone and listen to them in Offline Mode, while you're streaming in your laptop. Here you have more info about it:


 Have a nice day 🙂

Yes you can do that but your answer is unrelated to the original issue which is listening to the same music on multiple devices.  So if the music is playing indoors on a sonos and you go outside with your phone and earbuds, you get a seamless listening experience.

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