Multiple problems


Multiple problems

I've had spotify premium for over a year now and I've encountered the same problems with every phone I have owned. 1. I keep having to redownload music after I've had it saved to my phone and downloaded for a few months. This happens constantly, and sometimes I have to download every song and artist that was on my phone. I've followed the steps that I've seen about wiping the sd card completely, I factory reset it when I put it in this phone (huawei p9 lite) and it still does it.
2. The queuing music option is buggy. This option used to work well but now it just doesn't work properly. I can't add more than one album to a queue and I can't make a new queue without skipping all the songs in the previous queue. There's no option for stopping the queue or starting a brand new one.
3. Even after downloading artists albums still say they're downloaded even though the songs are all there.
4. There's little way to organise music. More options to scroll through your music would be helpful. E.g. by song name rather than artist or date downloaded.

The app and idea is good but it should e more refined and tweaked more than what it's currently at, considering how long it's been out for. Maybe someone from spotify could look into problems like these if anyone else is experiencing them or has similar feedback?
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Hi. More features are always welcome but it would be nice to have a stable app first, in my opinion. Let me answer your points in order.

1. A lot of folk are complaining about this. I recommend you keep an eye  on the offline devices shown here. If you only use one device for downloads and see it listed three times, remove the oldest instamce.

2. The way the queue works is inconsistent but when you play an album, the existing queue is replaced by the album tracks. You can queue up more albums by selecting "add to queue" fromthe context menu. For some strange reason, playlists are treated differently.

3. I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe you could explain more fully?

4. You can use the filter to sort the way music is sorted.