Music Downloaded Over Cellular, Option Was Unchecked, Blew Through Data Plan Cap 1st Day

Music Downloaded Over Cellular, Option Was Unchecked, Blew Through Data Plan Cap 1st Day


Premium user here.  I'm using Google Fi and have a limit of 1gb per month since I'm on Wifi nearly all day between work & home.  I'm only a couple of days into the current months plan and Google warns me that I've blown through over 350mb of my plan already just today while I'm driving. 


Since I'm a premium user I always download my playlists onto my phones SD card so I don't burn through my data while driving.  I haven't changed any options on my phone or within Spotify.  Spotify's option, "Download using cellular", is unchecked just as it's always been.  Basically it either downloads via Wifi or it doesn't download ... until today.  


Anyway, I was in my car and got to the store I was heading too.  I noticed that 3 of my smaller playlists weren't downloaded any more.  I checked off  "download" expecting it to queue up for the next time it was on wifi.  It started downloading immediately.  I ended up dumping my phone into airplane mode for it to shut down.  


When I got home I took it off airplane mode expecting everything to be fine.  Fast forward a few hours later and Spotify has burned over 700mb of my 1gb plan.  


So as of right now Spotify has effectively blown through nearly 3/4 of my data plan for the month which has only just started.  Again, the switch for "download over cellular" is unchecked so this shouldn't have happened. 


Considering this is going to cost me a few bucks this month I would take it as a kindness that Spotify waive this months premium cost.  







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Android 9


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I am having the same issue. My phone just received an update this morning.

Build Number : G950U1UEU6DSJ4
Android version : Pie(Android 9)
Release Date : 2019-11-13
· The stability of Camera has been improved.
· A new Camera function has been added : QR code reader
· The security of your device has been improved.


I was at home and wifi was enabled and connected to my home network.


Apparently with this update all of my Spotify music was wiped and decided to download over 5700 songs again (ok whatever, I'll get ready for work).


After getting ready for the day I see that my 5 gigabyte limit has been reached. This is completely unacceptable. How am I supposed use my phone for work on a jobsite with no wifi available? Furthermore, my storage location has been switched from my SD card to internal storage...why?


Spotify has been getting worse over the course of this year. This is not the first time Spotify has left me without any data for the rest of the month. 


I also have yet to see any Spotify representatives respond to forum issues, offering some kind of solution or support on this website. How do we know our issues are being addressed?


Might just go back to Amazon. I never got **bleep** out of my monthly data plan with them.


Same here. Cell downloads is set to OFF and still this friggin app is burning my mobile data to no end. wth is going on? I even shut off the app background mobile and still no help. Android 8 on Z Force.

Well interesting findings...

So I read some other sites where folks were complaining about the same thing. One guy recommended downloading a 3rd party app that can block app cell data access, so I figured I had to try something.

After the install, and reboot of the phone, I set the app to block ALL Cell Data for Spotify. Mind you, Spotify has NOT been started since the reboot, and the second I hit OK, I start getting alerts of Spotify trying to access and every few seconds, non-stop.

Then I tried another test, by turning on and off Wifi, and even with a solid Wifi connection, Spotify is STILL trying to use cell. Something is Fudged up. Clearly Spotify is trying to update downloaded music, but is NOT abiding by the block Cell Downloads switch. What a cluster chuck.

Let's get on this Spotify!

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