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Music Stops playing after 1 track

Music Stops playing after 1 track



Spotify Version

Last Updated

June 27th, 2018


 United States


LGV20 (LG-H918)

Operating System

Android 7.0

Steps I've Tried

  1. Tried a soft reset.
  2. Tried a clean reinstall
  3. Updated device’s firmware
  4. Used both on WiFi and Data connection
  5. Don't have an SD card


My Question or Issue

 For about the past month, maybe less, I have noticed that my music will stop playing after I play one song. This occurs on all of the Spotify playlists after I hit the "Shuffle Play" button. I noticed it more on my data connection than on my Wi-Fi connection but I have had it happened on my Wi-Fi connection as well. It usually happens when I am playing the music from my phone speaker but has also happened while my phone is connected to Bluetooth devices. After I hit the "shuffle play" button, I will get one song played, sometimes 2 songs; and after the song is finished playing, the app doesn't play the next song. It just stops the music until I press play again. After I press play, I don't have any issues and it continues to play through the playlist until the playlist is finished. It only happens to me after the first or second song (but mostly first) after I press the "shuffle play" button. I don't know if this would be an issue if I clicked on a song and the playlist was on shuffle? I haven't tried that and noticed it. I have only noticed this issue on my Android phone. This issue is not repeatable on my desktop app or my Google home. It seems like some other users might be having a similar problem but I haven't seen any solutions. any help would be great and I hope this was detailed enough to get an answer. Thanks!

-Sgt. Paintball

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