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Music keeps disappearing

Music keeps disappearing

This keeps happening to me and I am getting tired of it. I use Spotify every day and I download all of my music for offline mode. Randomly I will open the app and all but a handful of songs are gone. But I check the storage and they are still taking up space in my phone. Has anyone else had this issue? And how do i stop it from happening because I'm getting tired of having to redownload all my music
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It happens the same here. I use SD CARD, I have already cleaned it several million of times, but still happening.
When a check in the storage of the card, the musics are taking space. I looking for the solution too

Same problem for me. Over and over and over.

I am now accustomed to having to redownload tracks on a weekly basis.

The only answer the pathetic muppets at Spotify offer is to delete and redownload the app (and all of your offline music). And we all know that it doesnt fix the problem.

The only real solution is to give up and take your business elsewhere.

This has been a problem since forever.

Spotify dont give GAF.

This app is never gonna get fixed.


I don't have even a thousand music. It's 400. Every time a left home (wifi) when I come back start downloading it all over again.... Ridiculous

Spotify does that on purpose.  No way around it.  As stated by other users, wasn't an issue until spotify updates.  Spotify keeps getting better and better.  Starting to look at Google music app

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