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Music not playing complete song

Music not playing complete song

When I play music on my Android Spotify app, it starts at the middle of the song and plays a minute of music and then skips to the next song.


If I skip to the next song manually, it continues to play the previous song over the next song as well.  


Has anyone came across this issue?  I'm wondering if the last update has anything to do with this?


I've cleared my phone cache, the Spotify app cache, as well as restarted the phone.  I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Hi @bmwilkins1, next thing to try is a reinstall. Usually clears up these sorts of problems. Let us know if that helps?

I uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue still happens.

This time though, when I manually skip songs, the next song starts at the
time the previous song was at when I changed songs.

Have you tried uninstalling the app then restarting the phone? Or logging out and then back in?

I restarted the phone after re-installing the app and the results are the
same. Songs start playing in the middle of the music, then skips to the
next song and plays over the next song as well. Manual skipping to the
next song results in the next song being started at the same time the
previous song was ended, and the previous song is still playing as well.

Sorry for the late reply, i just stopped using the app. But I did try using it this morning and I didnt have any issues. I had the issues after reinstalling and everything though. Not aure what happened between the last time I used the app and now, but no issues this morning. Very weird....

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