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Music playlist half available

Music playlist half available

Hello blokes,


I've just noticed today that a majority of my songs on an old playlist are grayed out, but if I search for the song individually, I find it (with a slightly different title and artist) and it's able to play. It's like someone is messing with the links on the back end of the system. What gives?


PS: I'm currently in Antigua for medical school, but they were able to download/play before I came here from the States. And I'm a premium user.

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sometimes artists/bands can split, or have a different share on the copyright. to correct them they delete the recent upload, and make a new upload to digital music platforms. then the artist/song name may remain but your links can be grey. does it work if you delete the grey ones and add again the ones you find individually?


I can find the new songs and add them, but this is over half a playlist (600+ songs) with different bands too. Very odd and I can't find a commonality.

Another weird thing is that it's the beginning half or few songs of a playlist, then the rest is fine.

I have your same problem. After i get the premium account, all songs became "grey" and i can't play it. Till i was a free user, i was able to play that songs. In my playlists i have more than 1000 songs, so i don t want to search it again and add on my old playlist. It will take toooooooo long. There will be a solution. I wont imagine that all artists, in one day, change the links of the music like a user answered to you. Sorry for my bad english

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