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Music stop playing randomly

Music stop playing randomly







OnePlus 5 running OxygenOS 5.1.4

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Since few weeks from now, I have several issues with spotify android app on my phone. I'm listening an offline playlist (but the wifi is still connected) and after a while, the music just stop. I have to relaunch the music myself and this is not a download issue (like for online musics) because the playlist can be listened offline..

Most of the time I'm listening music with a bluetooth headphone (Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2.0) or with my helmet (with sena SRL).

Something I did few month ago : I was wondering if there were some storage issues with my offline playlists, so I cleaned up the storage of the app from the android settings, logged on again on the spotify app and re-sync my offline playlists.

Plus, the lock screen widget and the notification icon just don't appears most of the time.

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Hi there en welkom 😉


Just checking, but is this problem only occurring with the offline mode? Or does this also happen when you're online and listening to another playlist (streaming)?

Is it only happening when you listen via your Bluetooth device (headphones / motorcycle helmet)? So, when you listen directly through your phones speakers, or a non-Bluetooth device.. are you also experiencing issues?




Hi Ryan,


I have to make more tests with the online mode, I'm usually listening in offline mode to not have my battery drained by wifi/4g.

Same for non-bluetooth device listening.

Will come back to you as soon as I have tested all of that.




 I have the same problems and I don´t use a bluethoo device, when I am in offline mode sudenly the play list stop and I have to return to the app beacuse on the lock screen don´t appears and banners doesn´t appears too. 


My smarphone is a Moto E4, the Android version is 7.1.1


I just want my play list doesn´t stop sudenly and the banners come back as the new option to jump to the next song in a lock screen.

Hi Ryan,

I can confirm you that it's not only happen when I'm using a bluetooth device + it also happen when I'm listening an online playlist 😉



Having the same issue. Google Pixel. Song stops playing, and after unlocking the screen the app refreshes. Feels like the system kicks the program out of the RAM, similar to when the browser has to reload every page after being in the background.  No power saving on, have excluded Spotify in the battery optimization and tried clean install. It's seriously getting boarderline unusable. 

Hi, I do have the same problem, on both online or offline, the musics stops after 10minutes. I have observed the same thing when the music is generated from my laptop and selected from my smartphone! It stops always after 10minutes exactly. In the battery setting, Spotify is able to work in backscreen . I have an HTC U12+ . Can someone help me?


Same issue.  Very annoying.  I usually listen online, but when I listen offline on flights, it fails.  Also in the car when I'm offline.  It happens w/ bluetooth and just when I run audio cable to car.

Same problem on OnePlus5T - Android 8.1.0 Oxygen 5.1.5. Music pause randomly during playlist playback (offline mode). Can resume easily touching play icon but it's annoying. Use Sony SRS-X11 BT speakers.

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