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Music stops playing about ten seconds in

Music stops playing about ten seconds in

I start playing Spotify through the widget on my phone, and about ten seconds into the song it stops. It only starts again when I open the app specifically and keep it open on my phone even when the phone is locked. Any other app being open stops the music after about 10 seconds. It is very annoying and has been happening for weeks. I have a Google Pixel 7 Pro, everything is updated, and my husband and I are on the family plan together, he has been having similar issues as well on his Google Pixel 2xl. Why have a subscription if it's just not going to work?

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Hey @Aurturas,


This has been a common problem since the Android updates. Might not exactly be Spotify's fault, but newer versions of Android starting with 12, especially Android 14 can be a train wreck.


Here's what you can try and see what happens; nothing lost, nothing gained, right?


Delete your Cache/Cookies of the app, then uninstall/reinstall the latest version of Spotify. 

Make sure Play Protect is off in the Google app store just in case its blocking it on your phone.
If you're rooted Make sure whoever you rooted with accepts settings accept Spotify as a superuser.

Try and log into your Spotify through the mobile browser to establish your IP.


Hope this helps.

I have this problem while using Spotify in-browser. I can't listen to any song for more than 10 seconds.


I am sorry, but I created by account today, went straight to premium and I am shocked of Spotify's performance. The service doesn't work at all, no contact option and I can't create own issues / threads. This is a mess. I regret to register already.


Can anybody tell me how to reach support?

Hi @nutzer_J,


Thanks for reaching out. We're here for you and we'd be happy to assist you.


Could you tell us a bit more about the exact set up you have? You mentioned that the issue is on the browser version of Spotify, in other words the webplayer, however the discussion in this thread was originally concerning the Android app. What exactly are you using and how? Is the webplayer what is affected on your end? If so, what devices are you using it on? Does the installed app behave as expected across different devices? Does this same issue occur across different networks? Does the webplayer work in an incognito window


Let us know and we'd be glad to help you further.

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