Music stops sometimes in premium


Music stops sometimes in premium


Hello, i have samsung galaxy a5, when i play in my premium spotify through bluethoot on android 5, after some songs playing, it stops, and the only way to continue playing is to put on my screen, go to spotify app and pull play button, what is the problem? Thanks

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me too. not with bluetooth but same problem.-

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I have a Samsung S3. I have had this issue for 3 weeks. A song will play, and the one that follows appears to be playing, but there is no sound. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled twice already. My last resort is to do a complete wipe of my phone, and start over, but that's hassle. Has anyone tried this yet ?

 I have had spotify for 2 years. I have never seen an issue go on for this long. I have collected so much good music from Spotify, and love the service, but I'm about done...