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My Library Artists not showing my music

My Library Artists not showing my music






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So I recently got Spotify Premium, and I'm loving it. On my PC at least.....

On the mobile app, however, I'm not able to get even as much functionality as I did with Spotify free. For starters, the home tab doesn't work in the slightest (tried reboots, cache clearing, reinstalls, everything). But the biggest issue, by far, is that if I go to My Library and click on an artist, it takes me to the artists freaking page, not to the music from that artist that I've added to my library. Like what the heck? If I wanted to see their full page, I'd search for it and do so. What's the point of even having a personal music library if you can't access it....?

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Hey @electroshock777.


Thanks for getting in touch!


At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. When we’re testing, you may see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature for only a temporary period. Let us know what you think over at the Ideas Echange.


We've recently updated the Your Library experience. If you are sure that you are not liking it, feel free to leave your feedback here.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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