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My Spotify Is Broken (& It Might Be Breaking My SD Card, As Well)

My Spotify Is Broken (& It Might Be Breaking My SD Card, As Well)




South Africa


Samsung A5

Operating System

Android Oreo


SD Card (64GB)

Number Of Songs Currently In Library (Liked Songs)


Spotify App Version


My Issue

It started with little things.

For examples,

  • Songs would stop playing for no reason (not even when the song was at the end);
  • When pressed, the options menu on the now playing screen (three vertical dots, top right of screen) sometimes wouldn't load, and sometimes the app would ask me to go online to access the menu, but when I did, the menu would keep loading and then not open;
  • If any song playing ends while I was shifting songs in the queue, the app would crash (so I just stopped doing it).

I downloaded the most recent version of Spotify a few days ago. Before yesterday (July 25, 2020), however, the ignorable glitches became an annoyance.

First, out of nowhere, Spotify deleted all my 4,100+ (offline) downloaded songs (my Liked Songs). As a user with sometimes slow wifi, one could understand my fury. I began downloading the songs again, but that would not be the last of this glitch.


Yesterday, I noticed that my voice memos, the only non-Spotify files I store on my SD Card (which I've dedicated to Spotify), were deleted. Only I use my phone, and I did not delete them myself. I make voice memos quite often and haven't backed them up in a while; I've learnt my painful lesson. I'm not sure, but it's not a reach to say Spotify might've been the cause.


Today, while my Liked Songs were still being downloaded (according to the notifications panel), I opened the app after a while of no usage, and the entire Liked Songs playlist just disappeared - the whole playlist just wasn't there. The notifications panel "downloading" message disappeared as well. (I checked my voice memos, again, and the one voice memo I made yesterday is now gone.)


I then closed the app and opened it again. The Spotify App wouldn't open; I just stared at the black screen it presented, furious. That's when I came here for some answers. It was suggested that, in this case, a phone restart would help. I did that, and the Spotify app opened. My Liked Songs playlist appeared, but it, once again, deleted all my offline songs (which were still not done, by the way) and started to download them again.


I have a feeling these major glitches will keep happening. 

That's why I decided to voice this issue here.


I thought my issues were done, but while typing this, I was listening to my most recently downloaded album (which was downloaded in order from the first to last track into my Liked Songs library), and I realized some songs were missing. I've now gone down my Liked Songs playlist (which is sorted by "Recently added" and several songs (a lot, actually) have just disappeared. 


I am so frustrated.


  • How do I get my Spotify app to function well (like the only slightly glitchy way it used to)? 
  • How do I get my missing Liked Songs back? Spotify seems to have randomly picked and deleted quite a few songs from the list so finding the missing tracks one-by-one would be such an annoying and inconvenient task that would take me a very long time considering the number of songs I have. (Also, why do I have to fix what the app **bleep** up?)
  • Is this simply a version issue that I have to wait out until the next app version is available?
  • Is my SD Card now corrupted?
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