My local files wont synchronize

My local files wont synchronize






Samsung A5 2017

Operating System

Android Oreo


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I just added some files with my computer into two playlists to get them on my Android device. But, When I want to synchronize them to be able to listen them without an Internet connection, my smartphone don't synchronize them properly, He just print the message 'Waiting for a synchronization' in grey (En attente de synchronisation in french). 


I've download more or less 70 songs, I still have 11 GB on my phone. I think that I already take care about all the conditions to synchrnize files.


Sorry if my english isn't that good.


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Hey @7ec4p_e-tgwma, welcome to the Community.


Just to confirm, are you following these steps to sync your local files to your mobile device?


You'll also find a few troubleshooting steps on the same support page under "Some of my local files won't import/play". Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.



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