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Need help with the app on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Need help with the app on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I had the old spotify app before the updte, and for like an hour or two it worked fine, i was able to search and play sic. After the two hours it completly crashed on me, so i uninstalled. After the recent update I tried it again. Now when I log in, none of the songs are playable. All the songs I search and try to play I get a message saying "this track is not available". Can someone help me out. thanks in advance.

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Do you have a premium account?


Are these local files that you have sync'd to the device or are they on spotify's server?


You need a premium account to play Spotify's files, but I presume you already know this. 

No i dont have a premium account, but I had a free acccount before when i was able to play the songs, and no i dont have syncd songs either. Is that the problem, I need a premium account to access the songs?

You may have been on trial before for 30 days. Which is why it worked before. Your 30 days is now probably up. 


My understanding is you need a Premium account. Unlimited won't do it either. 


But hey I don't work for Spotify and I'm in Australia, we only got Spotify less than a month ago in Australia, so there

is no way I can know for sure. Just trying to help. 


If you upgraded, I'm almost positive it will work instantly.

Thats kinda lame cuz they always advertise free songs or wateva, but thanks anyway

gavinsend is right. I bet you were on 30d trial. Once the trial is over, you need a premium subscription to keep on playing (streaming) music.

This shows you the differences in subscriptions etc.

Not working for Spotify either but trying to assist.

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