New Android app + ICS

New Android app + ICS

I've installed the new android app, I can Synchronised my playlists frm Spotify (linux or Win) but the files don't download on the phone.

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Do you get any feedback from the app, on why it ain't downloading?

Are you on-line? It should display a message "offline-mode"-something if you're not. 

Did you mark playlists for syncing (long-press then choose download)?


Please provide more detail.

No but all seems to be "normal" but I'm a "unlilmited" costumer no premium, may be it's the problem (I repeat I try the "beta" new android app)

Mobile Apps are only enabled for premium subscribers.

OK lol, so without me 

For now, yes. I'd recommend waiting for the public release of the new ICS version of the app and then register for the free test period (one month).

The current public android release (I deliberately don't call it stable release) is really not worth it.

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