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New App Artists Page


New App Artists Page

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My Question or Issue

Before the update I only ever saved albums that I liked to my library - pretty much never used the follow function. The artists for those albums would show up in my artists section and they were alphabetized which was exclusively how I browsed my collection.


Now, however, it seems that's completely gone with only the follow list available. Is there any way to see the older style? I have literally 5 artists followed of the hundreds and hundreds of artists I used to have. There's a huge list of "recommended" artists to follow (which seems to be based off my liked albums) but they're in a completely random order with no way to sort. The idea of individually adding everyone again (after slowly building my library over what, 6 years?) makes me never want to open this app again.


If there's a way to automatically follow artists whose albums or songs I've liked I have not found it.