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New Playlist Name Now Not Auto Filled

New Playlist Name Now Not Auto Filled

The Android app used to be great for creating a playlist for an album.

I could create a new playlist in a folder and it would automatically add the band and album name into the new name for the playlist.

Now it's just empty with the new Create Playlist workflow.

Can you update this so it saves a bit of messing about entering information that it used to do please?

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Ditto. Please bring this back. 

Such a small yet irritating change.

Agree, a total pain. AndoidA only it seems to name automatically on my iOS device no problem.

Same problem, please repport 🙂 


I love to create a playlist directly from an album but now i need to write the artist - album because the playlist name is empty ...



I thought I was going crazy when I lost this feature. I kept closing the app and even tried a reboot. I must also reiterate what the others are saying, please bring the auto-fill option back. It's much easier to delete what's auto-filled if I want to name it something different than type in the default playlist name that used to be provided. It has prevented me from creating new playlists on the fly-- and then I forget about it later.


Please, I love Spotify and I've been a loyal premium subscriber for many years. Fix this for us. Thank you!

Me too, please fix this......

What an annoying 'new feature' on android. Why do I need to type the artist and album name myself when adding a new album as playlist?

Who would like to add 'Sparklehorse - vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot' now.

Please fix this!





Same issue here - annoying enough that I'm considering cancelling my premium subscription, as I mostly use my phone. Yet this functionality works on my laptop. How do you log an official bug with Spotify for someone to acknowledge this bug and track it?

Here is screen caps from my andriod of the problem


One of the spotify staff seemed to think this was an imorovement! I can only think they want to drive all android users away. Not only are they unwilling to fix the many long-running bugs but they also remove features we've lived with happily for years.

Anyway, apologies for the rant. Please vent in this "ideas" thread.

Hey everyone!


Right now, this is intended on the Android app. You can find more info about this here.


You can also support the idea to implement this here.


All the best.

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I could not disagree with the decision more that this is the "intended behaviour". We're moving backwards - why is the functionality on the app not the same as the windows/pc experience? Why do you take functionality away that used to work?

Do spotify and devs read the user reviews?

Cancelling my and the wife's subscriptions now - I'll go back to Apple music.....

This thread says that it is a deliberate change.


Excellent, then you know how to revert the change. Please open this issue again and fix. It is a very bad change.

This is crazy, did anyone on the Spotify team think to ask the users of they thought this was a good idea. I don't understand it. Plus it creates a difference in experience between the Windows app (which works correctly) and the Android app (which doesn't).

Thanks for pointing is at the related information though.

Hi Alfredo, if the removal of this feature is intended behaviour, then can we have some insight into the design rationale behind this change? I think it would help if we had a little bit more context behind this decision.

Hi Alfredo

Do you use spotify? Have you experienced the bug? (yes its a bug, as functionality DID work and then spotify went backwards)

Can you easily find your music in your playlists as you suggest - 'My playlist 1', 'My playlist 2', 'My playlist 3'... ?

I stopped using spotify, foregoing listening to music on my phone and I'm now paying for Youtube Red.

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