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New Playlist not creating default name anymore

New Playlist not creating default name anymore

I have a Moto Z Force Droid running Android I have Spotify version 8.4.39673 arm V7.

When I select a song or album and select to add to a new playlist, the playlist no longer generates a default name. Instead, I have to type/enter my own playlist name. Previously, Spotify would name the new playlist based on album/song title and artist name. Is this gone for good or is there a setting to force Spotify to auto-generate the playlist name?

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So, Spotify, why no answer? If you drag an album or playlinst to your playlists, it autonames. When you try to add an album to a new playlist on the Android App version armV7, you have to manually name the playlist. you used to be able to add an album to a new playlist and it would use the name of the album. Can't we get this back???

I got an answer from Spotify. It wasn't very helpful, but here it is:
"Hey Robert, thanks for the detailed info! This is a new feature of the Spotify app for Android phones. We're afraid there's no option to disable this, but we'll pass on your feedback to the right folks and tell them it's an option you'd like to see."
I then replied:
"It's more of a removal of an easy feature when using the app on a phone. who wants to type when using an app. Auto-generated naming is much more convenient"
Spotify's final reply to this was:
"We can see how it can be handy. Thanks for taking the time to reach out – your feedback's been noted"

So, I guess we are out of luck. 😞

LOL and they have the **bleep** to call it a "new feature"!

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