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New Releases feature technical issue

New Releases feature technical issue

Greetings..I am a Spotify premium listener currently utilizing an LG Volt/Android/Smartphone device. The problem Ive encountered is when I go to the "New Releases" section in the Browse area, when I go to scroll down through the listing & selections of new only now shows the first 20-30 albums from the past week & that's it....usually I'm able to scroll through many more new releases going back the past 2 months....but something seems wrong with the scrolling feature in the New Releases section..being it doesnt even show all the new releases from the past week & only a limited few...I tried to re-install the Spotify app but am still encountering this problem...did Spotify cut down the selection of new albums you can scroll thru or is this just a technical hiccup? Please any feedback would help!
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Problem fixed..thank you Spotify...=)

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