New Spotify app is awful.

New Spotify app is awful.






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I'm a long time fan of Spotify, been using the app for years and been premium for around 3 years. It used to be an incredible app, great for organising playlists and downloading a ton of albums.

However, since the latest major update the app has been ruined, I'll try and break it down here:

  • The new UI is incredibly slow even in offline mode. Sometimes it won't load my songs/playlist at all and I have to restart the app. It was fairly slow even before this update but its gotten much worse now. I'm on a brand new phone.
  • WHERE ARE MY SAVED ARTISTS??? My process of saving songs on spotify has always been to find an artist I like, tap download on one of their songs/albums and then they would appear in my artist list. I had hundreds of artists in there, after the update I have 5. Apparently I now have to go through all of the songs in my library (over 2.5k) and check "follow" on the artist. This is incredibly annoying and unintuitive. 
  • Where is the "SONGS" section??? In the older version there was a section that just listed every single song in my library. Now there is just "liked songs" which now only shows songs that i've "liked" rather than simply saved or downloaded. I barely use the "like" function and just want to be able to scroll through all the songs i own in order of recently added. 
  • "Recently played" has moved to home tab, don't know why you'd move this here makes much more sense to be part of the library section where I spend most of the time browsing. Now everytime I want to find a song I listened to 10 minutes ago I have to tab to home and load all the explore **bleep** which is super slow. I've basically stopped using this function now.
  • Searching is slower than ever, shouldn't take that long. Especially in offline mode. Also side note; would be nice to be able to search songs/artists/albums just in my library in this section rather than the entire spotify catalogue.
  • STOP ADVERTISING ON PREMIUM! I pay a subscription so that i don't have to see ads when i use the app, recently you've started forcing pop ups promoting specific artists and suggesting i listen to them. Don't pretend this is a feature for us, you are being paid to promote these artists, I have no interest in the new Ed Sheeran album or whatever the **bleep**. 


I hope I've made my point, I know I'm not the only one that's unhappy with the update... just look at the recent reviews on Google Play! 


That being said there are a couple positives of the update that could be kept in the next rollout:

  • I like how music and podcasts are now seperated, makes navigating to podcasts much easier.
  • I don't mind the tabbed system, means less scrolling although it takes some getting used to.
  • The aesthetic of the search tab is nice.

Please either fix the app or give us an option to roll back to the previous version, thanks.

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