New installation Galaxy4


New installation Galaxy4

Ive just got a new phone and installed my Premiun account on it. Everything works fine, but Im missing a few settings, that I cant remember how I made on the old phone.

Heres what I wish for:

1. Downloaded playlists appear on top, so I dont have to go through everything to find my favorite music.

2. Playlists play in loop, so the playlists start over after last song.

3. Playlists appear in alfabetical order and not as recently added.

Can anybody help me where to find these settings?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: New installation Galaxy4

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From the Playlists view it probably shows you from 'Starred' if you scroll down to view above starred you will see a filter.  Tap the filter button on the right of this and you'll have the option to filter offline content, sort by name etc

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