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New release without sound

New release without sound


Hi !


I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. While I have enjoyed my spotify premium account for a while now, I dont really care much for the latest release. This is because it is completely silent...

Everything seems to be in working order; program starts, downloads playlists and even seem to be playing the songs (..watching the "play" slider). But no sound comes out of the device.


Everything else is working fine on the device, and songs I have bought and use for alarms exterior to spotify sounds fine.


Any suggestions on a solution ?

2 Replies

There are many similar things going on. This is the I think 4th or 5th on this issue.

I would suggest you use Search function before making new threads.

                                                                      IDEAS: Device Management | Recover Deleted Items

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You absolutly right... I tried the search and found many threads about "no sound" in the forum but now anwsers how to fix the issue... fore some folx the issue goes long way back in time and i dont have the time to check all the treads for how to fix the issue... Can't spotify just have a "how to fix issue" on the top in the forum so we the people dont have to read the whole forum with similar topix?

Anyway... I have a Sony Ericsson experia and after the update i cant get any sound, ive tried to log out and in and reinstal, sync and so on works but not the sound...!


Pleas help...



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