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Newb question about Spotify-Instagram

Newb question about Spotify-Instagram





Xperia XZ

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Android Oreo


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 So I decided to try out this new cool feature sharing my music with my friends on Instagram MyStory. I've seen others do it with screen recording so this seemed so much easier. I wanted to share five songs so I queued them up and started sharing, put some fitting text and whatnot on. Between every song I pushed "add to story". Weirdly enough, the final result was not only without sound but mashed together into one 15 second part, meaning each song played for three seconds. My friends were confused to say the least. I thought that adding to story meant that every song would play for 15 seconds? Did I miss something?


Update: so I figured it out but not after hours of searching for answers. Finally a video on YouTube explained to me that it's not the actual music that gets shared, only a screenshot with a link to the song. 

This annoyed me to no end because if you're going to launch a new feature and advertise it, don't leave out the fact that it's first and foremost meant for people in the music business to promote new releases. If there's no sound included, why would friends want to share their favourite songs with each other on MyStory with a boring image of an album cover and some GIFs.

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