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Nike + running and Spotify on Android

Nike + running and Spotify on Android

Hello everybody, 


Has anyone heard about Spotify's partnership with Nike + running app for Android (Nike+ Running Pace Station integration)? At the moment, it is only available for Iphone nike + running app. I was wondering when it will be available for Android users.


Thank you! 



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Hello Elodie.


Actually I just came here because of the same reason. My family have Android devices but they cannot synchronize the Spotify with the Nike + app.


I read in another blog that they're developing a solution for this but until now, there isn't.


We hope to have [ Nike + and Spotify ] integrated soon.  =( 




Last year I was running a lot and disappointed that I couldn't match my NRC+ app with Spotify.. Now, one year later I hoped that this would have changed, but still I can't! Why? What is the weird reason for this? Please tell me.. Will this ever be possible? The futures on IOS devices and the link with Spotify are pretty cool. I really want that on my Android device as well!! Please fix this :):)


Still no update concerning Nike Spotify sync for Android phones? that sucks =(

This really is disappointing that Nike plus app for Android hasn't​ integrated with Spotify.  I have converted from an iPhone to Android Android Google pixel 2 phone and I boggles my mind that over a year has passed and still no Android update. 


Same here, I have convert from iPhone to Pixel 2, and now, my nike running app will not read my spotify anymore... is really lame.

Yes! Weird reason ... It looks like this. 

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