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No Queuing in connect play / control

No Queuing in connect play / control

Option is shown, but not supported.
2 Replies

Hey there.


I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean.


Can you add some details for me?


I know for sure, Connect device like my speaker is not supposed to be like DJ. It is like radio.


If you queue some songs, it plays only first one. Other tracks this will decline. I don't know the reason, but developers said it's not designed for that. They said I should listen music on Connect speaker, like in radio - to shuffle list.


If you don't want to queue album to next song when previous plays one by one, just add album as playlist and click play w/o shuffle on Android app. You may need to do this twice, as sometimes it erase settings on Connect.


Try and let me know the details, if you need further help!



ok, let me explain my Setup und Expectations.


Let's say I got two Android Devices. One is connected to the my Stero (Device 1), the other One is in my hand (Device 2).


I can select a Playlist or Album on Device 1, fine. I am not sure, wether I can start a Playlist via Device 2 or not, but that's not the Point.


The feature I miss is selecting the title which shoud be played AFTER the currently played one. I personaly think of this feature as important cause I do not wish to wait with Divice 2 in hand for the title to end.




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