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 I have a new account with 2 new users (and 1 existing user who joined my family plan through my invitiation), as the head of the account, I am following one of my household users to monitor their use (my child).  I have set up following fine and can find their profile easily enough, but despite (on the child's acocunt) playing music, creating a play list and adding songs to it, etc. the user profile does not show any recent activity from any of the apps I've mentioned.  Also, the "Friend Activity" feed in the desktop app has shown exactly 2 songs, but definitely not "live" like its supposed to be (took a fair amount of time, ~10 mins, to show up) and changing the songs played by that user is not causing any change to that feed; after showing those 2 songs the feed has stopped updating entirely.  I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing the apps on all devices, and I have toggled the friend activity feed a few times, but the issue persists.  I have also verified that the child's account IS set to publish it's activity to followers.  Help?

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