No audio after 1 song.

No audio after 1 song.


Hi there,


I listen to Spotify in bed at night from my Moto G running Android 5.0.2 via a small bluetooth speaker.


The problem is that the sound disappears between songs. Often after the first song, sometimes after the 2nd, sometimes later. The track will finish, but then silence. The next track is playing and the speaker is still connected, but no audio. I can fix the problem temporarily by pausing the track playing and then hitting 'play' again. But then it'll do it again at the end of the track (or the next one).


It's not a problem with Pandora or my podcasts.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify. Any ideas?

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I have exact same problem??


I am searching for a solution to this also.


Spotfy plays fine without muting on my laptop and also from my phone when it is connected to a bluetooth speaker.


However, when I listen on my phone or with headphones pugged into my phone then about every 2 or 3 songs it just mutes. It show that it is playing but no sound. If I hit forward, back, pause or play then t starts working again but this is really annoying.


I am using a Samsung galaxy S4 mini.


I have tried reinstalling Spotify but his hasn't fixed it. I have also tried playing around with variuos things in the settings on my phone and this still hasn't fixed it.


Problem only started about a week ago, before this everything worked fine!


Any help is really appreciated.


I have tried reinstalling and settings as well. Like you, it shows the song is playing but no audio typically after 1 or 2 songs. Just started doing this about 2 weeks ago for me. I have premium but, will cancel if I cannot get it figured out.


I just joined and if this problem isn't fixed soon I'm canceling. On my phone 1 song plays. The next is playing with no sound. I press pause and play it starts over plays and the same thing happens on the next song.

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